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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can benefit from Compression Wear?

Anyone suffering from Spider/varicose veins
Leg Swelling/blood pooling
Aching Legs
Venous Insufficiency
Tired legs from long travel times

What are Gradient Compression Socks?

The pressure is greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases the pressure as it rises up the leg. They promote better circulation and control swelling.

Gradient compression wear is best for…

Expectant Mothers
Best for fatigued legs
Swollen feet and ankles
Relief from standing or sitting for long periods of time

How do compression socks help to avoid developing vein problems in the legs?

Compression reduces smaller spider veins from developing into larger spider veins by increasing circulation and preventing blood pooling.
How long should click here I wear compression socks?

they can be worn all day and removed before bedtime.

Are compression socks and stockings comfortable?

Compression socks are comfortable to be worn all day. Some compression socks provide more warmth for cooler months.

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